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    Infidelity Counseling

    Specialized Infidelity Counselors on the Philadelphia Main Line

    Relationships are hard, and rulebooks on how to have the perfect marriage/partnership do not exist.

    It can be frustrating and confusing when one has found success in other areas of life but struggle in a relationship. Success comes with responsibilities and pressure and those things are bound to impact one’s marriage, which can lead to infidelity or other tough issues between partners.

    infidelity counseling philadelphiaThus, there is no shame in seeking help from infidelity counselors. Just as you would seek medical care for a physical health problem, seeking professional support is crucial in the challenges one faces in their relationship, as well.

    If you’re ready to start mending your relationship, reach out today.

    What exactly constitutes “cheating” or “infidelity?”

    This is a common question amongst couples. Typically, we tend to think of “cheating” or “infidelity” as a partner having a sexual relationship with another person.

    While this is one form of infidelity, it is certainly not the only one.

    A partner engaging in a romantic or intimate emotional connection with a person outside of the relationship can also be considered cheating, even if no sexual contact occurred. Of course, it is healthy for individuals to have connections with people outside of their relationship. Spending time with friends, family members, coworkers, and acquaintances is essential. However, an act of emotional and/or physical infidelity causes a person to feel betrayed by their partner. A certain boundary is crossed, one that is supposed to exist exclusively between the two partners in the marriage. When this occurs, 2 + 1 in the equation equals 0; especially in the age of technology, where so much is laid out on the table, this type of betrayal feels just as heart-wrenching as the death of a loved one.infidelity therapy philadelphia

    It is difficult to define specific actions which constitute cheating. However, more problems also arise when a member conceals the infidelity. Since each couple sets up different boundaries and includes expectations for the relationship, it is essential to clearly communicate with one another so each partner’s needs are respected and boundaries are upheld. Therapy can help with fostering strong communication for these reasons and more.

    Can our relationship recover?

    After a couple experiences infidelity, they often find themselves wondering, “Where do we go from here?” Both individuals are left reeling, regardless of their role in the situation.

    Please keep in mind, an affair does not have to be a relationship death sentence. Many couples successfully recover from this experience if they see it as an opportunity to examine and strengthen their relationship.

    Infidelity does not always directly cause problems; an affair may likely be a sign of a larger problem at play in a relationship. These issues vary from situation to situation. Moreover, infidelity counselors can help get to the root of the problem, to explore potential solutions.

    Even if both partners decide to move forward, their relationship is unlikely to be the same. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing because affair counseling can help to change and improve relationship dynamics.

    cheating counseling philadelphia

    We know this is easier said than done, but with commitment and acknowledging vulnerability, you can do it. It will be worth it.

    With the help of a therapist (and most importantly, both partners putting in the work), you can work to rebuild trust and relate to each other in a new, healthier way.

    What is our approach to infidelity therapy?

    Therapy is all about finding out what you need from your partner, what you can offer them, and how you both can come together to make things work.
    Our compassionate therapists here at Main Line Marriage Counseling service couples on the Philadelphia Main Line. We strive to cultivate a space of empathy and understanding for our clients. Our approach to infidelity therapy is direct and straight-forward. After all, when a relationship is in crisis, a therapist should be straightforward and direct, someone to tell exactly how it is. Among other specialized therapeutic interventions for infidelity, we use the Gottman Method when working with couples who have experienced an affair. This is a research-based technique that helps couples strengthen their relationship.

    Our therapy sessions are judgment-free zones. No matter what a client says in session or what partners have been through, we reinforce the idea that each individual is a human being who deserves a loving relationship. We also firmly believe that relationships do not have to be perfect to be functional. After all, the perfect relationship does not exist.

    What should we expect from the infidelity counseling process?

    Each couple is unique, so the therapy process will vary slightly from couple to couple. However, there are a few commonalities that you can expect as part of your experience with the specialists at Main Line Marriage Counseling.

    First, we’ll ask that each partner completes intake paperwork so we can get to know you both.affair counseling philadelphia

    We will then have our 85-minute intake session, during which we will gather additional information about your dynamic and your needs. From here, we will collaborate on treatment goals and determine the next steps. Thereafter, an introduction of different therapeutic infidelity interventions will provide tools to help strengthen your relationship. Much of our affair counseling centers around creating a space that fosters communication between you and your partner to enhance your connection.

    One thing we stress, too, is the importance of work completed outside of the session, as well, in order for you to move further forward in your relationship.

    Ready to recover from infidelity and heal your relationship?

    Our specialists at Main Line Marriage Counseling, servicing the Greater Philadelphia Area, provide elite marriage and couples counseling, including cheating counseling. If you are ready to speak with a competent, compassionate therapist to improve your relationship, take the first step in your journey toward affair recovery counseling by scheduling your complementary consultation today.