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    How To Strengthen Communication in Your Relationship

    The beginning of relationships is an exciting time full of romance and getting to know one another. We spend time being curious asking questions and learning about this new interesting person in our life. We find ourselves sharing our dreams, our thoughts, our fears and working towards developing an emotional connection. As time goes on you may feel as though this spark has begun to dim. The excitement may be overshadowed by daily stress and responsibilities. Conversations may be focused on tasks that need to be completed and passing along quick messages in between work and running errands instead of the fulfilling dialogue that once was.

    Effective communication is an essential part of all relationships. Intimate communication helps maintain a strong bond with your partner by reinforcing your connection and helping each partner feel heard. These are a few ways you can intentionally deepen the connection within your relationship:

    Encourage Communication: Making intentional time to connect is an important first step. Rather than communicating quickly in between conference calls or on your way out the door, set time to speak with one another and check-in. Schedule a date night to encourage time to communicate free from distraction.

    Practice Active Listening: Often we are multi-tasking while talking (looking at our phones, watching TV, or even driving). These activities prevent us from reading the body language of our partner and can lead to miscommunication. When working on strengthening your connection, make it a point to set aside distractions while talking.

    Practice Empathy & Validate your Partner’s Emotions: When listening to your partner speak, imagine what emotion they may be feeling. Offer them a not judgmental and safe space to be themselves. Asking your partner open ended questions and follow up questions encourages a richer discussion and deeper understanding of how they may be feeling.

    Lastly, never stop being curious!

    Author: Ashley Regina