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  • I Hear You, I Am Here

    I Hear You, I Am Here

    To the mother who doesn’t recognize herself,
    who wakes up knowing there are more dishes in her sink,
    more family members to disappoint,
    who tries to be everything to all
    without asking for anything in return,
    who lies awake with guilt and anxiety,
    I hear you, I am here.

    To the father who feels trapped by his responsibilities,
    who thinks he can never please his wife and children,
    who wakes up each morning to put food on the table
    only to be put down for not doing enough when he gets home,
    who lies awake with pressure and disappointment.
    I hear you, I am here.

    To the couple that lost their way,
    who made promises they could never live up to
    and broke promises they vowed to keep,
    who are so locked into their roles they don’t know how
    to communicate their emotions with their partner,
    who lie awake with resentment and contempt,
    I hear you, I am here.

    To the adult who thought they’d have it all by 35:
    the house, the marriage, the kids, the job,
    who is still living with their parents and can’t figure out how to
    take the next step,
    who lie awake discouraged, lost and ambivalent,
    I hear you, I am here.

    To the depressed who are always living in the past,
    who struggle to get out of bed and face the world,
    To the anxious who are looking too far ahead,
    who ruminate and speculate over every decision,
    whose own brains are their worst enemy,
    who lie awake hopeless and in fear,
    I hear you, I am here.

    To the struggling, I am here to give you unconditional support,
    help you find your voice,
    free you of the chains,
    share with you all that I know,
    offer you care, support, respect, compassion, guidance, hope
    I hear you, I am here.

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