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  • 16 Things I am Doing Instead of Writing My Blog


    Here it is folks. The list of things I have been doing instead of writing.

    #1 Taking care of my home and 10-month old daughter full time. I mean everything. From soup to nuts. These days, with the exception of contributing financially, I have been doing every single thing in my nicely sized home where two adults, one child, three dogs, two cats, and a fish reside. EVERYTHING. I assume I do not have to make a sublist to explain what those duties entail.

    #2 Family time and date night. These are so important and will always come before my work/hobbies. Since my husband works from home his days tend to bleed into his nights, so when we all have the opportunity to spend time together or we can have OUR time (wink, wink), I put all else aside.

    #3 Maintaining my nails. Not really my hands. More my feet. I don’t have time to go for a pedicure, so I try to make the time to at least paint, or paint over, my toe nails.

    #4 Watching reality tv, well tv in general. A few months back we got rid of cable. Surprisingly, this didn’t bother me at all. I now subscribe to the channels I want or purchase season passes. I will not, however, purchase reality tv. So late at night before bed, when I should be writing this blog, you will find me under the covers with my iPhone stealing my mother’s Comcast to watch “The Real Housewives of Wherever” (I don’t discriminate).

    #5 Laundry. Well this should go under #1 but I thought it was worth mentioning on its own.

    #6 Drinking wine. But I am drinking wine while I write this post so obviously I can multitask.

    #7 Cleaning underwear drawer. It is more like a basket and it is overflowing with a lifetime of underwear. Please explain to me why we NEVER throw underwear away, an article of clothing we wear every day. I literally have underwear from elementary school. They have made it to the period/nighttime pile, but still. And that reminds me, does my lady area not deserve fresh underwear when it is feeling its worst? I think I am going to start wearing my finest granny panties at that time of the month. Maybe that will deflect from the excruciating postpartum cramps.

    #8 Tagging for yard sale. I have been “having a yard sale” for a year now. Time to get it together.

    #9 Helping friends and family. I am a therapist and a good listener. Therefore, people seek my advice. I can’t turn them away, so I use the valuable time I have at night or at nap time to be there for them. This puts the blog on the back burner yet again.

    #10 Cleaning the kitchen. Ok this too goes with #1 but my husband is a chef by trade. Dinner around here isn’t a “clean up while you cook” type of situation. Not only do we eat dinner late because he has to make a 3-course meal nightly, but he uses every knife and pot we own. It takes me a good 35-45 minutes a night to clean up after the man.

    #11 Planning my daughter’s first birthday party. Yes she is only turning one. But I love a party and being a hostess. Oriental Trading has pages and pages of party paraphernalia. What if I miss something I absolutely need for her party?!

    #12 Writing to companies like Sears who made my life hell for a month while they figured their shit out. In the end, I got a $200 gift card, so I guess my time was well spent but the jury is still out on that one.

    #13 Making baby food and breast milk. Ok I don’t make my breast milk but I pump, store, arrange, and donate. This takes time. I also cook ALL my daughters food–well with the exception of a pouch here and there.

    #14 Social media. After many years of boycotting, I recently joined Facebook to market my private practice. I have not gotten a single new client, but I am religiously following a dog who can’t walk and I now know everything about my “friends” with out ever having to actually talk to them.

    #15 Reading articles on the internet for the health, future, livelihood of our pets and daughter. Hey, if I don’t do it, who will?

    #16 Googling “What can full body scans detect” and “sex offenders in the neighborhood”…and, well…this in when my husband said I need to start using my brain again.

    1. mommyingmaars
      July 2, 2016 at 8:18 pm -

      I invest too much time on #1. Thanks for the share 😊

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