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  • Scheduling Sex


    This may be taboo for some, but scheduling sex does not have to be as mood killing as it sounds.

    When couples arrive in my office, I have them each fill out a questionnaire. On the form, there is a section regarding sex and intimacy. Almost always, there is a discrepancy between the couples’ answers. If intimacy and sex are lacking, this becomes a goal for therapy. Just like any other goal, there needs to be attainable and measurable objectives. One of those objectives is scheduling sex. In some cases we must build trust first but that is a post for another day. Let us just assume that the couple is lacking a sex life because they are not prioritizing it.

    In most grown up relationships, there are many balls in the air: work, kids, home, etc. For most of us, these balls take priority over our personal needs. It is time that we see intimacy as a NEED and not something we can sacrifice. I ask my clients to schedule sex once a week so they begin to see sex as a priority. If they come back to therapy without this objective being met, we explore the “why”. Maybe something came up. Maybe there was a fight. Maybe someone is avoiding intimacy all together. In most cases, clients state that they couldn’t “fit” it into their schedule. We work hard to meet this goal until it is obtained.

    Some clients complain that is takes the “sexiness” out of sex. However, if you aren’t having sex to begin with, then there is no sexiness anyway. I remind them that it is not important when you have sex, it is how you have sex. Scheduling sex can give you something to look forward to.¬†Dress up, do things you wouldn’t normally do, spice it up!

    Lastly, perception is everything. If you go through the day thinking, “Ugh. My day is busy enough. Now I have to perform tonight for my partner,” rest assure that when you get to the bedroom the look on your face will say just that and your partner will not want to engage. However, if you think to yourself, “I will let go tonight and have a good time because my relationship is worth¬†it. I am looking forward to connecting tonight,” then you will be open to the possibility that sex is not just a scheduled appointment like a tooth cleaning, but an experience that you can’t live without.

    1. Amanda
      February 15, 2016 at 3:27 pm -

      Thanks Natalie for normalizing something that is hard for some couples to talk about. Great blogpost. Looking forward to seeing many more.

    2. Janet Birkey, MA, LPCC

      Janet Birkey, MA, LPCC

      February 22, 2016 at 10:09 pm -

      People schedule anything of value!

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